What Others Are Saying


“Master Garcia & Sensei Fischbach have done it again…”

Lance SoaresAlthough we had a basic understanding of the Martial Arts business, our challenge was implementing all that we knew in a systematic way to achieve maximum results. In addition to the Monday morning staff meetings, the one on one coaching calls have been instrumental in helping us better identify keys areas of focus, implement systems to streamline our operations, strengthen relationships with our students and their parents and achieve ever greater results from our marketing efforts.

Master Garcia & Sensei Fischbach have done it again with The Friday Forum with Sensei Fischbach. I feel this tool will be invaluable in answering those questions that come up after the dust has settled and help school owners better navigate the business waters.

– Sensei Lance Soares


“Your business systems are simple yet very effective…”

Will SchneiderI just wanted to take a quick minute to write and thank you for all your assistance, teaching, and guidance both at Power Weekend and in your mentoring group. I joined MAFE in November of 2009 and have been extremely impressed and humbled at the same time. Since joining your group/team I have been reminded and retaught the basics of the martial arts business plus many new and exciting teaching and business strategies.

I particularly like your saying of “be a martial artist not a businessman” while you definitely go above and beyond teaching the business side of things; you also keep us focused on our true love and passion which is the martial arts. Your business systems are simple yet very effective and it keeps the student first.

You’ve given me wise counsel on the opening of my next school in addition to curriculum help, marketing, and personal development. I am super motivated and look forward to being a part of your group/team for a long time to come.

– Master Will Schneider


“You bring a lot of hope back to the Martial Arts Industry”

Eddie Diaz JrI had a great weekend and learned a lot. I have been doing the intro procedure for years with good success and have been shown many different ways but not the way you broke it down (the formula format) on the ins & outs of the intro procedure. My other take away is the Sign-up & Goal & Review Meeting hearing them during the teleconference focusing on the word HEARING it on the Monday meeting, but actually watching it & having it explained why it’s done that way made a lot of sense. I think you, Master Spoth & Sensei Tiano did an awesome job.

Now moving to the curriculum. Master Spoth w/ the Krav Maga curriculum & his approach to the self defense was a breath of fresh air. You of course giving us more ideas & instructing us on how to become better instructors is great. You never cease to amaze me. You bring a lot of hope back into the martial arts industry which I feel has been missing for sometime. Thank you!

The last thing was seeing old faces & making new friends. I think the weekend was very productive for everyone on my team including myself look forward to coming back in September.

– Master Eddie Diaz Jr.


“I now feel very confident”

Master Ron SellI wanted to say a quick thank you. I have been in business for 16 years. I have always struggled with the concept of Black Belt Training. I always felt that my weakest area in my business was doing the “upgrade” conference. I always felt like my sales process was flawed, I had no confidence in it and ultimately my upgrade “game” has always suffered.

I now feel very confident. I also feel like I am truly doing the upgrade for the right reasons and no longer feel like I am manipulating people into joining a program.

– Master Ron Sell