Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)  What is the Grow Your Dojo Website all about?

Grow Your Dojo was set up by Paul Garcia and Ray Cord as place for Martial Arts School Owners, Program Directors and Instructors to find the support and resources needed for both personal and professional success.  Our mission is to help you build healthy and strong schools so that you may serve your students and communities by sharing your love of martial arts.  This website is designed to support you and help you grow through our extensive product library.

2)  Do you do consulting or mentoring?

Yes, but through our partner organization Corner Man Consulting.

3)  What is MAFE (Martial Arts For Excellence)?

MAFE was originally founded when Master Paul Garcia’s schools, America’s Best Defense (ABD), became extremely successful and other school owners wanted in on the secret.  MAFE was the initial consulting arm of ABD and quickly grew to include weekly online national seminars sharing the ABD business systems, leadership training and marketing strategies.  MAFE further acquired the International Martial Arts Management Systems company (IMAMS) over the summer of 2013 and continued to grow.  For 2014, MAFE has teamed up with Master Bill Storm of United Professionals fame who is the leader of Corner Man Consulting to help complete the team and provide school owners with an unprecedented amount of support.

4)  Who is Ray Cord?

He’s the techie typing all this stuff.  Ray Cord is a second degree Black Belt under Master Garcia and has a passion for technology.  As the Director for Business Development,  Ray is the answer guy and your concierge.  If you need anything than Ray is your man.